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About Us

Shanghai Shengqian Enterprise Development Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, has a professional qualification of metal doors and windows engineering, a member of the China Architectural Metal Structure Association, a member of the Shanghai building hardware and window industry association, and a member of the building and window sub center of the Shanghai construction engineering transaction management center, through ISO9001:2008 Quality management system certification, for several years to evaluate the quality and quality of Shanghai city and windows, for several consecutive years to obtain the Shanghai city of heavy contract and credit honorary title, and get the "AAA" credit rating, for several years by the local government to be rated as outstanding tax enterprises.

The company specializes in the production and installation of plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows. The main products are: flat window, 100 page window, upper hanging window, lower hanging window, middle hanging window, pull window, new air tight window, insulated cold bridge air tight window, inclined roof window, flat door, push door, spring door, whole glass door, frameless door, balcony railing Rain shelter, ceiling, all kinds of framed glass curtain walls, all glass curtain wall and point type glass curtain wall.

The company has complete equipment, excellent production technology, perfect testing equipment and strict management. The company adopts all kinds of profiles produced by first-class production enterprises at home and abroad, such as VEKA, conch, Shih, Lok Hsiang, Sheng Xin, Hua Jian and Xingfa. It has been recognized by the vast majority of developers, such as Hunan house property, Jun Shun property, Jinqiao Group, green group group, Lujiazui group, housing technology, Lanting Pavilion home, and Shen Cheng home. And got the support and help from well-known suppliers, such as Hua Errun, Yi Fen, Jian Lang, silia, notor, Kirin, Yang Lixing, etc. Stable quality, beautiful appearance, to meet the different needs of customers.

Our company has always been striving for survival and development based on quality. With the first-class technology and production of first-class products, from raw material procurement to product production, the whole process is in strict quality control.

The jargon says: the quality of the door and window is "three by the production, seven by installation", the company has a strict training and obtain the relevant department certification of professional installation team. The company pays attention to the training of professional knowledge of employees, and organizes employees to participate in professional knowledge learning at various levels, such as the state, provinces and cities, and constantly improves their own quality.

The company develops the market with reliable quality and good service, and develops itself with strict management and continuous progress. We will rely on strong technical force, modern sophisticated equipment, perfect after-sales service mechanism, let you have no worries, and strive for the eyes of your building more colorful and colorful.

Our company is willing to do its best in your company's doors and windows project, not perfect, but strive for perfection. Let your company have nothing to worry about on the single item of doors and windows.